Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

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The Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor Table Tennis Table, Blue is the perfect indoor/outdoor ping pong table. It is rugged enough to withstand the elements outside and it looks nice enough to be inside in any game room. It features sturdy and weatherproof aluminum and plastic playing surface and all metal skirt for addition support. It features very strong 11/2 inch steel support legs and eight three inch locking casters. Each side of the table folds up separately for easy storage and you can fold one side up and practice single player.

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For those hard core table tennis players that like to play in the great outdoors, Killerspin created the perfect table for you. It has an all-weather playing surface along with sturdy made to last steel support legs. The table top features plastic on aluminum top with an all metal skirt to give it extra support.

It features a split folding top so it can be used for single player and both sides fold up for easy storage when not in use. To ensure that when the sides are folded up either for single player ot storage there is a locking mechanism for safety. The table includes sturdy and high quality net and mounting brackets.

Killerspin MyT-O Ping Pong Table Features & Specifications

  • Rugged table tennis table designed to withstand outdoor play
  • Weatherproof 1/8-inch aluminum-plastic top with RRC coating
  • Heavy-gauge metal band around edge guards against warping
  • Folding frame for solo play or storage; safety locking system
  • Blue top surface; measures 36 x 64 x 60 inches (W x H x D) when folded

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The center supports each feature two three-inch locking casters to ensure that it does not roll when in use. When finished the playing the wheels unlock and you can effortlessly push the table into its designated storage area.

A few extra facts about the ping pong table, it has fabulously blue finish with bright white striping. To ensure that the playing surface holds up to the elements, it has a Repeat Roller Coating (16 layers of coating) to protect it.

Killerspin MyT-O Review

After going through the reviews posted online for the Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor Table Tennis Table, Blue we saw that it received an average rating of 5.0 stars out of a possible 5.0. The majority of the consumers that purchased and reviewed the table left very positive comments.

One of the reviewers really liked all of the wonderful features that are built-in to it. Especially the fact that it was designed to withstand the elements and still be ready to handle all the ping pong you can throw at it. Another reviewer really loved the fact that it only took them 15 minutes to assemble it right out of the box as compared to other models that takes hours to assemble. Since it is weatherproof one of the reviewers really liked that they can put it out in backyard close to the pool.

We were not able to find any negative reviews or even a single negative comment. Which is probably why it received an average of 5.0 stars. For that reason we would definitely recommend this table to everyone. Click here to get free shipping on the Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor Table Tennis Table for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

Smallsheep November 28th, 2011 (#)

As per previous reviews, this table came almost entirely assembled, apparently a big plus versus other brands. Assembly was perhaps 15 minutes max.

Great looking table. The table did arrive with a bit of a deflection in one spot, but this table is a beast, and we are just family players, not in competition, so I didn’t think it was worth the hassle to return it.

Overall, pretty pleased with this purchase.

S. Grennille January 8th, 2012 (#)

After 20 years our old, cheap ping pong table was pretty much firewood and scrap. I did not know so many improvements could be made – this table is weatherproof, light and pretty!

yanti March 22nd, 2012 (#)

A great purchase. I just got it and I’ve always been asking people to play with me. The surface doesn’t make the ball bounce very well, but that does make the ball stay on the table. If you get this item, I suggest getting a new set of paddles.

M. Fedorov March 25th, 2012 (#)

This is the best ping-pong table I’ve found for the backyard, and it serves the purpose very well. Looks great, and the construction promises decent longevity. Unlike other products reviewed on Amazon, this table was extremely easy to assemble – less than 15 minutes, which could be halved if I didn’t do it alone.

The only problem that I experience is that the bounce is mediocre at best. This stems from using aluminum as the material for the top – perhaps an inevitable sacrifice to make it weather-resistant.

By reviews, it looks like all outdoor tables have this problem, so I’m simply adjusting playing style to it… Feels a bit like clay court in tennis after a hard court – but hey, people play it and actually like it!

Strickland September 18th, 2012 (#)

Very easy to set up,15 minutes top, just screw 4 legs on and your done. Other tables we seen said takes 1 hour to set up, so I bought this one and sure glad we did, up and playing in 15 minutes and great quality.

We keep by our pool and kids and adults love it.

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