Stiga Insta Play Table Tennis Table Review

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The Stiga Insta Play Table Tennis Table is actually as the name implies, ready for immediate action as soon as you pull it out of the box. No need for hours of frustrating assembly with this table. It is made from all high quality material with 2 inch square steel legs and 2 inch steel support apron. The playing surface is a nice flat black with white striping and 66” net and mounting posts. As an added bonus Stiga topped it off with an edge banding to help prevent accidental snags.

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You will be ready for some hot table tennis action right out of the box with zero assembly required. The whole table is made from nothing but high quality materials. The tabletop is ¾ inch material with nice black finish and topped off with bright white striping. The 66-inch wide netting and posts are made to fit perfectly across the table.

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The legs Insta Play table are formed into 2 inch square steel tubes and the support apron is also made from 2-inch steel to create an extreme durable and sturdy surface to play on. It comes with 3-inch ball bearing casters to make it easy to move from storage-to-playing and back to storage in a snap of your fingers.

As an avid table tennis player, you know one biggest issue with other models is getting snagged on the edges of the table going for a close shot. Stiga made sure that will not happen by adding a special edge banding material on the corners of the table. The gives it a much more professional feel.

Storing the Stiga Insta Play table is snap thanks to ease in which that it folds up. The area it takes up while being stored is just over 2 feet width and just over 5 feet high (actual storage dimensions are 60” W x 28” D x 64” H).

After going through many of the reviews posted online for the Stiga Insta Play ping pong table from the people who purchased and used it with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The majority of the consumers that posted reviews gave it very high marks. The majority of the comments that in the consumer reviews were very positive and only a handful of them were negative. Many of the reviewers were extremely happy with the fact that it was ready to use right out of the box. Along with that many of them thought it is a great value with its very sturdy construction. The easy folding up of the table makes it snap to store it when not in use. Click here to read more reviews.

There were only a few negative comments posted that I could find, one of the reviewers had a defect on one of the legs that needed to be repaired and they had a issue with Customer Service when it came to getting it fixed. Another reviewer pointed out that the center of the table started sagging after only a couple of months.

After reading through all of the reviews posted online for the Stiga Insta Play Table Tennis Table the majority of the comments were very positive and with only a small number of negatives points to a very high quality table and I would recommend it to everyone. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Troy Tait November 16th, 2011 (#)

Doesn’t get much easier than this. Item was delivered and we were literally playing 5 minutes later. Easy to move around. We have used this outside and inside. Great product.

Dana E. January 2nd, 2012 (#)

This was ordered for our table tennis club of about 6-8 players. It shipped from San Diego to SW Oregon in 3 days, was delivered exactly when we asked them to bring it and taken off the truck on a pallet.

It took about 10 minutes to cut off the cardboard, remove the wood sides, and another 2 minutes to stand the 2 halves up and wheel them into our community center. Three more minutes to unpack the accessories, put the corner protectors in place and unfold the table.

The net that was provided is the only thing we didn’t like, but we already had our own good quality Stiga net. I removed the four “L” brackets (2 P/H screws each) that their net used, and we use our model, which has a wide clamp head that keeps the halves together well enough to move the table around without coming apart.

We absolutely love the performance and quality of the table, it’s very solid, has perfect bounce, and the black top makes the ball very easily seen. You can roll it around with the ease of one finger, and it’s extremely easy to fold and unfold.

We recommend you buy a better net set for about $30, but the table itself is of excellent quality and highly recommended by our club!!

R Stolee April 25th, 2012 (#)

This ping pong table is a full size table with very sturdy surface and support. It weighs a lot so takes 2 strong people to move into position for the set up. After that it is on wheels and quite easy to move.

It has a level surface and a good net system so play will be great. Because it is full size, you will want to be sure you have plenty room to play it.

You get the quality you are paying for.

T. Seyahsed June 5th, 2012 (#)

Be careful when buying table tennis tables…they can take hours to assemble depending upon the manufacturer. This table, however, is a cinch! We were playing in 15 minutes. It took 10 of those minutes to carefully remove the table from the shipping carton.

The table is good quality and very sturdy. The breakaway into 2 pieces is a great feature for storage and portability, not to mention extra table space for yard sales.

I’d buy the same table again in a heartbeat.

S Prabhu September 25th, 2012 (#)

I was worried that setting up a table tennis table would take hours and I kept a whole weekend aside for it. I was most pleasantly surprised. I spent 10 minutes setting this up, including time to rip open the packaging and we were up and playing within 20 minutes of the box being placed in our basement.

If you want to have a table set up before a weekend party and you are ordering this as a last minute thing – then go ahead and do it!

The table arrived two days earlier than stated in the confirmation email and was in good condition.

Instruction for setup could be better, especially how to set up for single player play- but this is a minor quibble.

Highly recommended!!

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