Stiga Expert Roller Table Tennis Table Review

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The Stiga Expert Roller Table Tennis Table is was the very first tennis table. It was having top of about 30mm. Stiga tennis tables are very much known for a long time for elegant style, design, innovation and all those qualities and characteristics that can give ease and comfort to the tennis table players. Click here to SAVE $300 on the Stiga Expert Roller ping pong table for a limited time only!

Stiga tennis table is pretty flexible therefore it can be stored anywhere easily. The Stiga expert roller table is shipped and assembled in a rectangular box. In addition to this Expert roller table tennis also comprises of 16mm thick top along with a metal trimming over the table edges, which makes the table tennis quite strong and long lasting.

Stiga Expert Roller Ping Pong Table Features & Specifications

  • Professional-quality fold-and-roll table tennis table
  • 1-inch blue competition grade top
  • Extra heavy-duty chassis with cross brace steel supports
  • 4-inch ball bearing wheel casters
  • Playback position so you can practice by yourself
  • Includes Stiga Tournament net and net posts

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The Stiga Expert Roller like all other majority ping pong tables divides itself into equal halves which then can be folded together and each table leaf contains its own roller wheel for offers an additional ease to handle the table. Its front leg dimension measures 50 x 20 and hind leg measures 20 x 20mm along with back height that can be adjust according to our needs. The table comprises of very think25 mm chipboard on the top of the table, which makes the ball bounce to a greater height.

Expert roller has considerably features one of the best playback positions so that one can practice by himself without a need of a partner. The table is also makes a truly effective storage space and can be fitted almost anywhere in times when nobody is playing on it. For this very reason The Stiga Expert Roller Table Tennis is one of the rapidly changing it’s status of becoming the largest selling home table tennis table worldwide.

Stiga Expert Roller Table Tennis Table is one of the favorite and most popular tables for table tennis. It scores 4.5 out of 5 stars in customer’s review to be evidence that has met the demands of the sportsmen. Compared to its material the price tag is not so cost consuming and asks only $1,299.99 with an additional free shipping service.

Stiga Expert Roller Review

Despite the good remarks there are few slightly reviews that complained that assembling the table was a difficult step and it should have been more user friendly. Probably a solution to this that the Stiga sends along a guidance manual that shows step by step instructions to build the table altogether. Also one claimed that the net clamps are threaded with a plastic nut and so that keep slipping. These should be replaced with metal nuts. Click here to read more reviews.

Stiga Expert Roller Table Tennis Table has an incredible design coupled with a finish that stands unbeatable when it comes to competition with rival companies. Overall reviews are considerably good which makes us recommend this product. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Ben November 25th, 2011 (#)

Took some time to assemble, but perfect for our basement and the whole family. Folds up easily and rolls with just a slight push.

S. Seigal April 12th, 2012 (#)

Easy to set up. Great table.

Very sturdy. The net is very high quality but the net clamps have a threaded plastic nut and the threads easily strip. I had to replace with metal parts from a local hardware store.

Other than that minor glitch, all works well.

J. Mahoney August 16th, 2012 (#)

From the assembly instructions to overall build quality, this table has been an exceptional purchase.

I am so glad we made the choice to go with this model.

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